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The World from a Jewish Perspective XXXIII
by Shlomo Fleischmann

Thank you Edith,

I n two days the Jewish world will commemorate the Shoah. It is the day we remember with pain and respect our people, who fell victim to the greatest crime that ever happened in the history of mankind. As "experience" is supposed to be the best teacher, survivors and good people spoke up, told the terrible story and warned the world that: "it should not happen again."

And…it is going to happen again. Mankind is well on its way to a Holocaust, which may not only happen to the Jews, but also to the whole world. We are rapidly heading to the point where the world will be uninhabitable and end up, dead - as planet Mars. I am sure that most of the listeners will react to this statement by saying: "this man is exaggerating, maybe he lost his marbles altogether?"

I don't think so. I happened to see with my own eyes the genesis of a religion, which was initiated by a handful of rogue fanatics, who proclaimed themselves as supermen and as such, the rightful rulers of the world. The name of this religion was "Nazism." In a relatively short time, their teaching took hold not only with the incited mob of the streets, but infected also decent people who were so successfully brainwashed, that they accepted with a clear conscience that "right was wrong" and "wrong was right." A distinctive characteristic of such a religion is to blame others, for their own shortcomings. They always claim to be victimized by others and create towards these "others, " a feeling of fear and eventually to extreme hate. These hateful objectives need a personification - a scapegoat. And who is better qualified to serve as scapegoat then…..you guessed it….then the Jew!

We don't have to stretch our fantasy to recognize the same elements in world's problems today. Germany, which was defeated and humiliated in wars and economically impoverished, needed glory and victory. The Arabs were defeated, humiliated and are economically impoverished, (in spite of their oil,) and also need glory and victory. As the Nazis found their scapegoat, the Arabs do the same. Nazis and Arabs claim, that the reason for all their misery was then - and is today - the Jew. A small difference is that the Arabs hate the Jew not as being a Jew alone, but also as a representative of Western culture.

Thank God, our present leadership begins to understand the situation and the danger it entails. Let us imagine for a moment the situation in 1945, if the USA would not have been the sole nuclear power? If Japan would have had a few nuclear-kamikazes, and of course Germany and a few other countries. President Bush recognized clearly the axis of evil. They represent a combination of money, technical know how and fanaticism. They are definitely capable in a shoot-out to bring the world to a "nuclear-winter." By the way, this would solve the problem of Arabs demand of "land for peace."

All this, may happen, can happen and will happen, if our USA will not go out, will totally go out to save the world. If the USA will wait until it will be the second, the responder to the big bomb, it may be too late.

In a few days we will commemorate and remember the Holocaust. Yet we have to know, that Germany did not go into WW II because of the Jews, and the world did not go to war because of the Jews. The extreme Moslem world, will not go in WW III because of Israel and the Western world will not protect the world because of the Jews. They are two completely different issues. Nazism and extreme Islam are two different symptoms, but stemming from the same malignant disease. The eradication can not be achieved by talking and praying alone. It needs determination for prevention and healing by using the knife - if necessary - to save the body, to save the world.

If we did not get the message, the warning from the previous Holocaust, we have learned nothing and we may not be able to warn the world, after the next catastrophe. Let's pray, this should not happen.

I am Shlomo Fleischmann

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